Chantal Forgues, 38, has been training at CrossFit Ile Bizard for two years. From the moment she walked in Chantal decided to leave her ego at the door and never look back. Chantal’s consistency and commitment to her goals has won her the respect of her fellow athletes and the attention of the coaches. It’s been inspiring to watch Chantal transform her body and fitness over the years to become the strong and competitive athlete that she is today. But what is more inspiring is watching her overcome injuries and combat the obstacles of a single mom with a busy work schedule to make time for herself. Being too busy to come to the gym is never an option for Chantal.

Chantal’s message to someone who has never tried CrossFit before: Don’t be intimidated when you first come in. It’s different from a regular gym but the support from the coaches is great and it’s really for everybody. It’s for all different levels. It’s a great place to meet new people and have fun and work hard!”

Keep up the good work, Chantal!

– Sherry Shaban CAT(C), N.D, CF-L1
(Video by Justin Lavallee)